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I loved you since I first heard your sweet voice. I always will!

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You may never know how much I appreciated that you just called me. I think that will be my favorite gift of all this year.

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I feel so empty.
It's like I can't do anything to change it.
I've said sorry, but I know I don't mean it.
I wish I did.
I don't think I can keep at this anymore, it's time to end it all.

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I miss my best friend. We shared everything. She grew up and moved away and now she doesn't need me anymore. My best friend was/is my baby girl.

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I wanted to see you today, but you had plans. I understand, but just so you know - my trust in you has began to dwindle.

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I think my Fiance is gay but to afraid to admit it. It's destroying me.

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I hate all of you.

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My GOD I want you.

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I think he gave me a STD.

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He hurt me. Lied to me. Abused me. Was extremely jealous of me. I left him over 3 weeks ago & he still bothers me.

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