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Im tired of you treating me like Im your girlfriend but still remaining just friends, i understand taking it slow but this is starting to hurt.

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You could have had me, and already you can't now.

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My heart is in agony, I forgot how to breathe...I can't stand up, I can't pack all my things...and I can't leave...I'm scared to run away, I'm trying to get through every day...but I'm so sick of trying, and I'm so fucking scared of dying...

although it's tempting...suicide is NOT an option...that is just pathetic and UNACCEPTABLE!!!

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My daughter doesn't really understand why I still talk to her ex. Frankly, neither do I. He was NOT the best boyfriend. But I look forward to my communications with him. We click. Am I messed up?

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Just the thought of you has got me breaking out in a goofy smile down the halls.
I look like an idiot. =] I know.
I don't care xD

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I feel so depressed, I don't know what to do. I wish I could talk to someone, but the one person I need the most has so much shit going on that I don't want to be a burden to them.

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i just want everyone to be happy

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I'm sick of her and her trash talk! Shut the hell up already!!!

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When I was a kid they'd let me become hysterical with depression. I'm terrified of losing that much control again. It was a really horrible experience.

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You've been in love with me for years. And I hurt you, again and again. And now I think I've started to develop feelings for you and I'm so scared it's too late.

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