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Every day you show me that you love me by the little things you do but sometimes I wonder if you really love me or are loving an idea of me that you have. I know that if you had me on a pedestal that I've fallen off a few times, but somehow you always see me as this beautiful creature that you love and can't possibly live without. I think you are gravely mistaken.

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i'm sorry if i seem a little bit obsessed with having sex with you, my dear. it's just that i have already given you every other bit of myself and i want you to have it all.

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My best friend is younger than me. Very mature. But she didn't take some news about me well and it still gets to me. She couldn't handle the fact that I thought I was pregnant.

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I had sex with someone yesterday and cheated on my boyfriend.

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Stop leading her on and sleeping with her if you don't love her. Even she knows that she's just a stand-in until you find someone new. Do it now, before you hurt her anymore.

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I feel so pathetic for being so down on myself. I can't stop thinking about my own failures. It sucks.

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When I get depressed, you tell me that things aren't my fault. But today you acted like everything was my fault when this could have been fixed by you asking a simple question. Don't pull this on me.

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I wish I could take all of his pain away for him...

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Last night I cut for the first time in 2 years. It felt awesome.

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