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I'm trying to practice piano and she has the TV turned up really loud. I'm going to scream, I am so angry!

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I'm a lesbian, so why cant I stop thinking about you??

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It's official. I've lost a lot of my friends in the past year, and just when it's getting better, it gets worse. I'm sick of my shyness and inability to keep up a conversation. I'm a loser, a big fat loser.

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I feel oddly atheistic.

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i don't care much about people around me. i'm very self-centered and only like to talk about myself.

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Everytime you bring up a girls name it makes my skin crawl. I dont think we can be friends anymore. I can't take not being with you.

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Why do people suck so much? You have to put up with their bullshit all the time. Sometimes I feel that it's much better to stand alone.

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i love someone and is afraid to admit it ._.

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I'm sick of all our stupid jokes, and hearing about your girlfriend. I'm sick of you telling me you love me, when I know you only mean it as a best friend. I'm sick of you hugging me, making me laugh and telling me every single one of your secrets. Mostly, I'm sick of never being good enough to be anything more than your best friend...

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i wish he was mines. D:

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