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I'm sorry. I'm sorry it ended the way it did. I'm sorry you ended it the way you did. I will always miss you. And I will always love you.

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Is it normal, at almost 21, to want to be 32, married and have 2 kids? I want to grow up, have a job, a husband and kids, NOW.

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I love my girlfriend, but sometimes the THINGS she does REALLY upsets me.

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You tell me how much you love me and how you thank god for me. How I am a big reason for your faith.

I don't think I believe. I don't think I ever really have. I can't.

I also can't tell you about any of this.

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How can I be mean to her when she is so nice, but so stupid.

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I want to stop being friends with her, but at the same time I don't. She used to beat me up 1st through 3rd grade. Why did I call her my best friend then? All through the years, all she's ever done is use me. Why do I love her so much?

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Every day you show me that you love me by the little things you do but sometimes I wonder if you really love me or are loving an idea of me that you have. I know that if you had me on a pedestal that I've fallen off a few times, but somehow you always see me as this beautiful creature that you love and can't possibly live without. I think you are gravely mistaken.

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I want you to be happy because you deserve it so much but it would be better if I were the one making you happy.

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I begged you just to cuddle me more, pleaded with you for a shred of emotion before I went to another guy. Too late, I think I'm falling for your friend.

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He says he doesn't care and he gives up. I wish I meant a little more to him than that.

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