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You left with her and who knows if you will be back. You were all that was left that made me smile and now you're gone. I am officially dead inside.

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You told me about what he did to you. I saw the article in the paper about the other girls too. Please, please tell someone what he did to you hun, not for me but for yourself. Don't let him get away with it, he might do it again

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I never get that feeling of limerence anymore, but that's all I really want.
I can't get someone out of my head. I have day dreams where we leave this city and drive to the desert. And we're happy.

Thats what I want.

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I really like you. I feel like I messed things up between us. Your the best guy Ive met in a long while....and I'm scared that I wont find anyone like you.

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Alas. Confrontation.

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I'm so fucking scared of being homeless again

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I'm so HAPPY!!! I'm seeing him on saturday, and I'm feeling just peachy about it <3

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I use to be a cutter BAD, but I have tried for the last few years not to do it but seems like everytime I get pissed at someone I just want to hurt myself the only thing that stops me from doing it is the thought of my husband saying he would leave me if I started cutting again but i feel like I need it. Whats wrong with me??

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I kissed a married man...and I kind of liked it...

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All I want is someone to hold me and tell me everything is gonna be okay.
Everytime I think I have it, I get my heart completely mutilated.
Is it really so much to ask?

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