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You've been gone 3 and 1/2 months. You get to be home for 3 weeks. How many days have we seen each other, again? Oh, right, I forgot.. 5.
I don't think you realize how much I die inside every day when you're gone.
I'm dying even more now that you're here.

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Damn. This is love. Crap.

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I want you to leave me the hell alone!!! I'm over you, get over it!! I'm happy, so be happy for me. I love him, not you. We won't work. We'd never work. You're too controlling and I can't stand it. My new one doesn't hit me either.

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I wish I could breathe around them.

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I told myself I was over him. But I'm not. And my dreams don't think I'm over him, either.

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i feel that my father would never speak to me again if i told him i am bisexual.

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I wish I had everything in my life figured out. I can't believe I let the last 5 years go to waste being wishy-washy.

Some things, I figured out already. I want to redeem myself by going back to school ambitious and enthusiastic. I just need to handle the money situation. I should've started working in high school.

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There is NOTHING I am good at.

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I broke up with you because of Faith, then faith drew me back to you only for me to find out. That I killed God in you.

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