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Why do I still love you? I break up with you and am absolutely dying for 3 months, then meet the guy that's too good too be true. It's too amazing. BUT I"M STILL HERE DUMPING CONFESSIONS ABOUT YOU.

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I shouldn't be this aware of you. Not anymore.

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I really like you. I feel like I messed things up between us. Your the best guy Ive met in a long while....and I'm scared that I wont find anyone like you.

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I ate the shrimp when you told me it was for the wedding.

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He told me we needed to be separate for awhile, while he sorts out his life. Oddly enough, I know I'll wait as long as he needs. I think I love him.

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I'm sick of my stupid boyfriend and his stupid procrastination.

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i hate what i turned you into.

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I hate when I say something that leaves me open and you move on without acknowledging it. I just want to say 'fuck you' at times like this but I can't because I love you.

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I am engaged and I love my fiance but there is a guy that is still on my mind constantly. I don't know what to do. I want to find out if he still cares about me but I don't want to leave my fiance. HELP

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Everytime you bring up a girls name it makes my skin crawl. I dont think we can be friends anymore. I can't take not being with you.

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