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I hate you for what you did...but for some strange reason, I still love you.

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God help me through this month of hell because I dont want to be a cutter again

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In 5 short days I've connected with you more that I have with my partner in the last 2 years. You're on the other side of the world, yet you're stuck in my mind. I'm so confused.

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I'm so scared. I haven't felt this alone and empty for years. I just want someone to hold me and tell me that we're going to get through this together. That we're going to be okay. I don't want to test positive... please don't let me test positive...

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I don't know how I can move on. He's the first friend that I would fight tooth and nail for in order to keep our friendship. For him to cast aside my concerns breaks my heart. I know he's going through a hard time, but he can't keep dodging his problems with drinking...I feel so helpless.

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You are NOT going to make me feel bad for expressing how annoying it is that you waited to decide to visit me after I said I was moving. Your feelings weren't the ones that got hurt every time in those two years that you mentioned visiting only to never follow through with the promises.

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I cant believe you would hurt him like that. he loves you so much. your such a liar and a cheat. dont hurt him dont hurt him dont do it

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You make me sad. It's not because you treat me badly, or because you're doing anything wrong. It's just that I have a lot emotionally invested in you, and occasionally it gets tiring. I can't tell you this because there's nothing you could do about it and it would just make you feel bad. I love you, though.

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It's been almost two years since we last spoke, and all I want is to have you back.

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In certain ways, I DO hate you. Too bad. Your fault.

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