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Sometimes he scares me. But I love him so much that none of that matters

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I'm with my best friend. She rocks. (:

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I'm not quite sane.

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I don't think I'm getting better.

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But isn't the fact that I care at all proof that I still love you?
I'm sick of this.

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Why don't you just be a man and tell me that you don't like me anymore?

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I just recently got a girlfriend about two months ago, forgetting about another girl that I've liked for about 3 years on and off. I really do like my girlfriend, but feelings for the other girl are coming back ever since we started talking again. Now the old girl wants to know if I have a girlfriend, but I don't want to tell her I have one; nor do I want to lie to her. I'm wondering if I should break up with my current girlfriend for a chance at a forgotten romance...

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I think it's about time you got over me. I don't care anymore, DEAL WITH IT.

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I'm so over it. All of it...I had some major priorities mixed up but now everything is better, because I realized this drama isn't worth losing you over...I love you.

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Happy V. Day. My loving husband "couldn't find" a sub for his bowling league, threw a card at me and left. I ate a bowl of soup (alone) and now I'm watching the dog sleep. Is this what I have to look forward to for the rest of my life?

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