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I cut my hair boy-short, not because I like how it looks (I don't), but because I think I can use it to excuse my ugliness.

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People Annoy Me. Seriously, liars have taken over the world.

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It's torture to be so introverted. I feel like I should blame my upbringing for being so introverted and shy.

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I feel oddly atheistic.

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Sometimes I want the people in the white coats to take me away for good.

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My surroundings... Everbody feels so.. grumpy and mean against each other. What's with this bad feeling >.<

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I want to make you feel the pain I've gone through...to always wonder if the one you love is being faithful and to find out they're not when they marry someone else.

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I love you so much. Even after all the crap you've put me through. I just want you to be a part of me. Even if it means we finally meet, have sex, and you leave me forever. At least I'll have something real to remember instead of imagining what could have been.

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I find it amusing how before this all started you were the one who held me together and saved my life...

And now you're just taking it, smashing it to pieces, and making me wish you had never helped me survive at all...

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You could have had me, and already you can't now.

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