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You're more than worthless to me, anymore.

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why would you tell me to call you when i get off work and then not answer the phone? why would you do that?

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I'm so fucking scared of being homeless again

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I broke up with you because of Faith, then faith drew me back to you only for me to find out. That I killed God in you.

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I have never felt more alone than I do right now.

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I love when I make this person miserable since he ruined my life first. I love making him look stupid, and I laugh when he cries.

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I embarrass myself in front of you because I love you. I guess I'm a nerd like you say, too, but that's not really why I'm an idiot.

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I miss my baby.

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I'm with my best friend. She rocks. (:

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I hate cigarette smoke.

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