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I'm tired of hurting.

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I wanted to tell you that the reason I had a panic attack that night was because I was too scared to tell you what you didn't want to remember. I didn't want to make you hurt all over again. I'm sorry I'm keeping something like this from you.

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I stopped loving you after the first year we dated.

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sometimes I miss him so bad and wish things were different

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My heart and body ache for you.

But I get the feeling you just don't have the guts to tell me how you don't feel the same for me.

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i am so sick of feeling guilty for every little thing...yet i don't know how to make it stop! i wish i could feel better about everything, including myself

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He is the MEANEST man I have ever met! Been hurt before but NEVER like this!

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He told me about you. How you don't think I don't know anything about it. I do, though. I just don't want to tell you because then you'd be disappointed in me.

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Sometimes I have a hard time figuring out if someone is kidding or if they're serious...the hell?

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I found a lump in my breast. I've never been more scared to call the doctor in my life

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