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Remember me next time!

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Sex is more trouble than it's worth.

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Gender: Female

I wish I could gather the courage to ask you out, but she already likes you and I can't get between us for you.

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I ate the shrimp when you told me it was for the wedding.

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Everything I ever wanted or dreamed of is now permanently out of reach.

She's thousands of miles away and I'll never see or hear from her again. There's no point in me existing.

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I wish I could just pick up and leave. Pack all of my belongings and disappear. Not that it would matter much. You don't talk to me anymore anyway. I miss you so much. Do you miss me? Or is she masking your feelings for anyone but yourself?

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I don't even have the SPACE to explain the "Hell" that I'm pretending to cope with right now!

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You're the worst friend in the world. You're under the impression that I'm your best friend. While this may be true because you have no other friends, I've come to realize that you drive me absolutely insane. I can't wait to get away from you next year.

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Everyone thinks I'm coping and getting on great now, I'm not. I still think about killing myself everyday.

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I want to make you feel the pain I've gone through...to always wonder if the one you love is being faithful and to find out they're not when they marry someone else.

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I've cheated in my last three relationships. I've been in my current one for almost six months, cheat-free. I probably won't make it.