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Remember me next time!

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You may never know how much I appreciated that you just called me. I think that will be my favorite gift of all this year.

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I want you.
I care about you.
You wound me.
You have no idea.

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Please just leave me. The longer you string this out, the worse I'll be in the end. Or is that what you want??

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You're rad, you're awesome, you're amazingly funny. My friends suggest I'm in love you. I swear I don't. I hope I don't. I can't. It would mess everything solid up.

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I am in love with you but I am marrying him.

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Damn. This is love. Crap.

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You're my lover and best friend. Heck, you're the only one I could ever come close to calling my best friend. And I have feelings for you. I wish you knew that I saw better things for you and for us.

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I feel so pathetic for being so down on myself. I can't stop thinking about my own failures. It sucks.

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When I was a kid they'd let me become hysterical with depression. I'm terrified of losing that much control again. It was a really horrible experience.

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i really want to spend time with you, but all i can think about is holding your hand again and being in your arms & i don't think you have feelings for me anymore. i just want to see you