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Stop blaming me for your problems. Just because I get better grades than you and have more class hours doesn't mean that you should think I'm a lazy bum just because I have no time to work. At least I'm doing work of some sort.

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I'm a lesbian, so why cant I stop thinking about you??

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I'm madly in love with him and want to spend the rest of my life with him but he has a girlfriend.

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Gender: Female

I am married and in love with another man.

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No matter how hard I try my girlfriend makes me feel like I never do enough for her but I really do try everything possible for her.

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she is everything to me and she'll never know.

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I get the whole idea of having disappointments and bad things occur so that when good things come, you'll be grateful..

But this is ridiculous.

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I wish I had everything in my life figured out. I can't believe I let the last 5 years go to waste being wishy-washy.

Some things, I figured out already. I want to redeem myself by going back to school ambitious and enthusiastic. I just need to handle the money situation. I should've started working in high school.

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Gender: Female

When I get really depressed I hardly eat on purpose. It is sick. It makes me feel like I have control over something. I just wish I could deal with things in a healthy way.

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Everything I ever wanted or dreamed of is now permanently out of reach.

She's thousands of miles away and I'll never see or hear from her again. There's no point in me existing.