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Remember me next time!

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I really don't know how to take this it's nothing I really want to celebrate but today is the anniversary of the day I was diagnosed hiv+ 12/08/88. a day I will never forget a long time survivor yet I don't feel like partying.

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I feel like I'm being replaced. It stinks.

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We met playing video games, we got close, you're like a brother to me now. Im glad we met just once face to face.

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Hope only makes things worse when they never work out. I really thought you loved me.

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i am so sick of feeling guilty for every little thing...yet i don't know how to make it stop! i wish i could feel better about everything, including myself

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I hate that I cannot relate to people at all. It's nearly impossible to get through a day at work even at a job I otherwise enjoy.

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She's supposed to be my friend. You and her are on a break. Me and my boyfriend are on a break. We really like each other. But I know you'll never want me as much as you want her. Stop pretending you do.

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I DON'T like you anymore.

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Is there really life beyond college?

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You could have had me, and already you can't now.