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Remember me next time!

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im in love with one of my closest friends but im afraid to risk our friendship. so i bury my feelings and sit stoically in my endless purgatory

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I miss you so much and haven't heard your voice in more than a week. It really tears at my soul.

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I love you not just because you were the one to take away my virginity...I hope.

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you were right. you're RUINING me.

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I don't care if you're my mother, if I hear from my sister one more time that "thing" you married has come home drunk AGAIN and decided to start shouting, swearing and being violent around her and my baby brother, I swear I WILL call social services. Stop being so selfish and take a look at what this is doing to your kids.

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I love when I make this person miserable since he ruined my life first. I love making him look stupid, and I laugh when he cries.

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How could you? And now..

I've just realized that I'm still angry. Of course I'm angry! I'm pissed! How could you DO that? And how can you sit here claiming to LOVE me? .. Liar. You're such a liar.

Damn it.

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I take how I know that deep inside we won't end up together.

I'm so scared.

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Damn. This is love. Crap.