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Remember me next time!

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Its a month before my wedding and I just want to kill myself, seriously!!! I am that mad

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If you had paid attention to me last night, you would have caught that I was sick. You just ignored me and kept talking about things pertaining to you.

I thought I pertained to you.

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You say you love me, but you hate everything I say and do. 8 years and here we are at the brink of a total collapse. I don't even think my heart works anymore. You took so much from me that I'll never get back. I gave all I had, too bad none if it has ever been good enough for you.

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Wish I could stop feeling like this. Melancholy is not fun. I need to stop thinking about you but the littlest things keep reminding me of you and I can't. Your face, your smile, your laugh. This is not living- it's only existing. It sucks.

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I know that an eleven-month anniversary is hardly remarkable, and not a conventional occasion to merit spending time together and celebrating, but it's important to me. So it hurts that I skipped work for him anticipating doing something fun, but he forgot all about it and decided to spend his evening with some girl I don't like.

Although it's not like he's exactly been there for me in a long time, so I ought not to be surprised.

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I made chicken parm and thought of you. There will never be a day that goes by that I won't think of you. I have flashes of memories; certain sights and sounds trigger them. I miss you much my friend and I will never ever forget you! I heart you...

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everyone is just as lonely as i am.
and that makes me feel even more alone.

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My biggest fear for the future is that you, the one I love most, will go away and leave me for some artsy girl at school.

And I won't be able to do anything about it.

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I am so in love with you. I toy with the idea of marrying you. But with my luck, thinking thoughts like that will just make our relationship end up crashing into nothing. ...That's why my imagination is so horrible lately.

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We've grown apart. You act so differently now than before. You're negative, pessimistic, rude, and just don't seem to be there when I need you. I think I've lost my best friend.