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I found a lump in my breast. I've never been more scared to call the doctor in my life

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My day crushed when my mom had left me for heaven ... she is only one person who used to understand me .. Not even my dad !!! Sometime , i feel like life is all about mystery ... what iu deserve u dont get .. wht u dnt deserve .. u always get...

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I finally have true real friends who I love more than anything. I can't leave now. But I am.

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You are the "The One" for me. You and I are meant to be. Open your eyes and see that its ME and not her. You are INFATUATED with her. That is not love. What I feel for you is love. This is a new feeling, one I've never had in my life. Just please...open your eyes and see what's right in front of you.

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I really love you, but we don't know each other so well yet. You're not so 'amazing' but I like normal people. I really wanna get to know you, so I could love you even more

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But isn't the fact that I care at all proof that I still love you?
I'm sick of this.

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Ive loved her for all eight years and we finally meet and I do love her.

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I could be pregnant. If I am, I'll lie for you because it's no one's fault. I'll make up some elaborate lie that I cheated on you and I'm gonna carry the baby full term so you can still go to art school. I'll put it up for adoption and then hopefully I can still go to school, too..

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i cant stand you touching me anymore, i dont want to go near you it hurts me too much that you play with my emotions then you push me away. i love you too much

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i love you more than any other girlfriend ive ever had, let's keep each other.