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Remember me next time!

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I hate being there for you when you need me. It only works one way but I'm too nice to ignore you when you need help. I'm not allowed to be upset and ask for help.

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I don't know if I'll ever forgive you or her. She was my best friend, how could you do that to me? We were planning our wedding for goodness sake. My heart breaks every time I see you both.

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Every night, I dream that you're cheating on me and falling in love with some artsy girl at your college. It's completely unlike you so I don't see why I bother worrying, but do you blame me?

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Keep eating those cookies when you've got a blood sugar level of 200. Don't clean that infection that you've got. Kill yourself. Gods, it would make my year if you died! Hell, it'd make my year if you ALL died. None of you will ever listen to me or stop abusing me anyway so I wish you all the worst. ... I hate the holidays.

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why would you tell me to call you when i get off work and then not answer the phone? why would you do that?

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Time flies. Sometimes it doesn't move quickly enough.
You won't speed up, no matter what I do.
If it were up to me, I'd throw you out a window.
Then you'd fly.

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I know that an eleven-month anniversary is hardly remarkable, and not a conventional occasion to merit spending time together and celebrating, but it's important to me. So it hurts that I skipped work for him anticipating doing something fun, but he forgot all about it and decided to spend his evening with some girl I don't like.

Although it's not like he's exactly been there for me in a long time, so I ought not to be surprised.

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i am so sick of feeling guilty for every little thing...yet i don't know how to make it stop! i wish i could feel better about everything, including myself

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You love me. It's amazing. You really love me.

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I am engaged and I love my fiance but there is a guy that is still on my mind constantly. I don't know what to do. I want to find out if he still cares about me but I don't want to leave my fiance. HELP