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Remember me next time!

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Gender: Female

i cant stand you touching me anymore, i dont want to go near you it hurts me too much that you play with my emotions then you push me away. i love you too much

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i feel that my father would never speak to me again if i told him i am bisexual.

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I'm so afraid that you won't call me on your own. I'm trying to accept what's going on but I love you so much and I'm so afraid.

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I have a small crush on my roommate. She's straight. I'm not. I'm in trouble.

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Last night, when you told me you loved me, I nearly said it back. It's getting harder and harder not to. I'll tell you, though, someday soon.

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i'm gay

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Gender: Male

I really care about him but he couldnt care less.

Makes me feel awesome.

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When I become the person I want to be, I will declare to him in public that I am in love with him.

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You're crap, everybody knows it.Blame others all you want. You know it too.

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Gender: Female

I wish I could just pick up and leave. Pack all of my belongings and disappear. Not that it would matter much. You don't talk to me anymore anyway. I miss you so much. Do you miss me? Or is she masking your feelings for anyone but yourself?