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Remember me next time!

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Why don't you just be a man and tell me that you don't like me anymore?

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I feel so pathetic for being so down on myself. I can't stop thinking about my own failures. It sucks.

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I think you're really amazing. I'd like to kiss you.

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I really love you, but we don't know each other so well yet. You're not so 'amazing' but I like normal people. I really wanna get to know you, so I could love you even more

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sometimes I miss him so bad and wish things were different

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I kissed a married man...and I kind of liked it...

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I am sad, overwhelmed, stressed beyond belief and I just don't know what to do anymore.

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Things have been difficult for us, and last night I felt like I just couldn't stand him. And so, when I told him I loved him, I pretended it was you.

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The one I love and my husband are not the same person. Oh, how I miss him so.

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When I get really depressed I hardly eat on purpose. It is sick. It makes me feel like I have control over something. I just wish I could deal with things in a healthy way.