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I can't deal anymore. I just can't! I am out of coping. I lost everything that ever meant anything to me. I can't fucking breathe. I just want to cry forever and disappear! Why can't that just happen?

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Why do people suck so much? You have to put up with their bullshit all the time. Sometimes I feel that it's much better to stand alone.

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How could you? And now..

I've just realized that I'm still angry. Of course I'm angry! I'm pissed! How could you DO that? And how can you sit here claiming to LOVE me? .. Liar. You're such a liar.

Damn it.

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I hate waking up every morning and feeling as though I love you more and more each day. I hate it, because your with her, which will SEVERELY complicate things if what I think will happen with you and I does. I love you so much. I thought all those other times were love. But this is it. This is love. Only when you're in love with someone, could you give them advice on how to get with another woman, just to see them happy. I hate me sometimes. :(

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You're crap, everybody knows it.Blame others all you want. You know it too.

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In 5 short days I've connected with you more that I have with my partner in the last 2 years. You're on the other side of the world, yet you're stuck in my mind. I'm so confused.

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i hope my friend gets the girl he loves, he really deserves her

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I can't believe I'm still attracted to you even after all of the bullshit you put me through.

What the hell is wrong with me?

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Even though I'm with someone else, I still think about you. I want my relationship with him to work out and he makes me happy. But there are times when I wish so badly that it was you.