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She constantly complains about everything wrong in her life, but throws a tantrum when anyone makes a suggestion on how to fix it. I hate it so much. How am I supposed to build a life with someone who can't even take care of herself?

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everyone is just as lonely as i am.
and that makes me feel even more alone.

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my friend is so annoying, she always thinks shes right and never wrong!

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I pretend like being in a long-distance relationship is a piece of cake for me. It isn't. It really fucking isn't. But he's worth it.

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everytime i see you like that it feels as though my heart is going to break. i want you to be happy and smile, really smile every once in a while. please tell me what to do to make it better. i cant stand the thought of loosing you.

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i'm really missing the boys who didn't love me enough. i don't know what this means in reference to us. i guess i'm really scared.

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I lied, it really is breaking my heart. I'll lose you again but I can't deal with it anymore.

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Why do I still love you? I break up with you and am absolutely dying for 3 months, then meet the guy that's too good too be true. It's too amazing. BUT I"M STILL HERE DUMPING CONFESSIONS ABOUT YOU.

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I hate all of you.

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When I get depressed, you tell me that things aren't my fault. But today you acted like everything was my fault when this could have been fixed by you asking a simple question. Don't pull this on me.