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Remember me next time!

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I will keep on hoping forever, that someday.. we will meet again, and you will feel differently. Boy.. You're still the only one i've ever felt this way about.

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I want to be held.
God, more than anything.

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I'm too scared of a relationship. I'm too scared of a commitment, but he is one of a kind. I broke up with him over 20 times in two years. He stops talking to me for 6 months, then we start talking, everything is back to normal? Or he's just trying to get back at me for hurting him. :/ He. Is. Killing. Me.

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All i want is for him to tell me that he needs me. We have been together for over 2 years of college and now it seems that all i hear is that its all uncertain, that he cant promise we will be together this time next year.

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i love him but he keeps hurting and i dont want to leave him because i dont want to hurt him

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I'm losing my faith in ever being with someone who wants to be with me.

I wish I could kick my own ass.

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Whining isn't gonna solve anything. Still, I really want to get this junk over with. I'm a pretty cool guy, there's bound to be a girl out there that would fall in love with me. I just have to be patient, and not get too anxious.

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You make me sad. It's not because you treat me badly, or because you're doing anything wrong. It's just that I have a lot emotionally invested in you, and occasionally it gets tiring. I can't tell you this because there's nothing you could do about it and it would just make you feel bad. I love you, though.

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It's been almost two years since we last spoke, and all I want is to have you back.

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Nothing has occurred to make this feeling of wanting to die rational.

And so, irrationally, I feel like I want to die.

It's probably temporary, but that doesn't make the fact that I feel like it right now any less real.

Wonder how long this will last.