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I just want him to chat with me again. He has not been on for about a week... and I love him so much. I'm in love with a stranger. I cant help but want him more and more every second... I love him... I just want him

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You told me you don't want kids. You say it isn't your thing.
I was starting to play with the possibility of you for a long time.
For a long time in the future.
I can't not have kids. And you're the guy of my daydreams.
This sucks.

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You love me. It's amazing. You really love me.

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I want you to leave me the hell alone!!! I'm over you, get over it!! I'm happy, so be happy for me. I love him, not you. We won't work. We'd never work. You're too controlling and I can't stand it. My new one doesn't hit me either.

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There's this annoying girl in my class. She acts like she wants to be another ethnicity. She tries to hang out with a certain ethnicity and would bake them goods just to kiss their butts. So she can have more friends of that race. bleh.

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I feel like I was created to be a heroin addict.

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I really love you, but we don't know each other so well yet. You're not so 'amazing' but I like normal people. I really wanna get to know you, so I could love you even more

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I'm practically obsessing over somebody that I HATE. I feel that, when it comes to them and the situation, it's just one big un-righted wrong.

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Working up the courage to tell my parents I'm a lesbian... I'm 21 and a single mum...

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We've grown apart. You act so differently now than before. You're negative, pessimistic, rude, and just don't seem to be there when I need you. I think I've lost my best friend.